Getting Back Into Blogging

I’m trying to get back into the saddle with blogging. One of the major points holding me back from this is that I’m generally a very private person. A lot of who I am and the Work that I do is something I tend to keep to myself, or are only known by parties who are directly involved in whatever I may be doing in whatever way. I’m slowly beginning to stick my head out of my shell a bit, but for me it’s a process. One of the things I will touch on with my Work is my role as augur. Put simply, augury is the practice of divination by studying the movements of birds, a practice popularized in ancient Greece and Rome, but is found throughout a variety of world cultures as an intricate form of divination (augury can also be used as a general synonym for divination). The form it takes varies a bit depending on the culture and belief system by which augury is employed. That is a major role that I play in the Work I do. But it’s something I’ll have to take the time to really sit down and write out, which I’ll do not now but at some point in the recent future. I am still getting back into the habit of writing my thoughts down, which is something I was never all that proficient at but allowed to atrophy in recent years.

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