It’s Not the Content of Your Character, It’s What’s In Your Pants

I see this primitive form of thinking in more than a few occult circles.  It never ceases to amaze me how the shape and structure of one’s genitals is the ultimate determining factor in judging one’s ability to do a thing, or witness a thing, for example.  Question for the masses: would you want someone judging your ability based on, say, whether one testicle hangs lower than the other?  Or whether or not you have a hairy labia?  Or a zit on your ass?  How would you like it if people insisted on inquiring about these things, and categorizing you based on these features?  Would you like it if someone kept asking you about your sexual anatomy, and your choice of partner in the bedroom, or how you perform intercourse? Then, lay judgement on you solely based on your answers, let alone how you present.  Your physical strength won’t matter, or your skill levels, knowledge or ability.  Your genitals make you or break you in the eyes of others.  As much as the various occult communities pride themselves on being progressive, I still see this simian, knuckle-dragging “logic” stewing in every corner, not unlike a ripe outhouse in August.

Probably one of the most prominent examples in these circles is the 2011 incident at Pantheacon where transgendered women were barred from attending a ritual held by Z Budapest.  But that isn’t the only example.  Most of it doesn’t make it to the news.  As a transgender/genderqueer neutrois person, I’ve witnessed and had my own fair share of this bullshit.  If the shape, structure and positioning of a person’s erogenous tissue is the primary thing with which you judge a person’s character, skill, ability or even energy signature, then you have a problem.  Not least of which is being able to mind your damn business about someone’s physiology and medical history.

If you want to better understand my perceptions regarding gender, this is a good read.

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