The Simpering Idiocy of the Masses

So, there are reasons why I shouldn’t read comments, or surf around on Internet sites reading various correspondences.  Of course, this and similar complaints have been repeated ad nauseam, so I’ll just cut to the angry, bitter chase.

I happened to stumble upon a conversation on social media regarding gender roles and so on.  Usually a hot button topic for me, to be sure.  Thankfully, I did not participate.  Doing so would be more trouble than what it’s worth, but that won’t stop me from articulating my thoughts on my own blog.  At one point a self-proclaimed “intellectual” happened to speak up about his viewpoints on “natural law”.  I notice those two words seemed to be hurled forth frequently by uneducated lackwits who somehow feel threatened by homosexuals, the transgendered or the intersex.  You must pick a side, and it better be my side.  They open their maws and screech about “natural law”, when in fact they hardly know what that is.  What they really mean is their own version of it, which is as deviant and as far outside of nature as one can possibly get.


The whole idea of “natural law” that they subscribe to presupposes the idea that one chooses to be this way, and that goes beyond the bounds of their perceived view of nature.  I do not conform to the binary, therefore I either CHOSE not to conform to the binary, or I simply do not exist.  Just as this maned lioness pictured above shouldn’t exist, even though she serves a very useful function to the pride of protecting her sisters against threats from other males, therefore performing a very similar function of a male lion.  But this is only one in a vast myriad of examples of gender non-conforming.  Nature does not and never has adhered to binary laws, though it does utilize them from time to time.  If in fact Mother Nature stuck simply to that, then there would not be growth, evolution, or progress.  There would simply be stagnation.  It must be one or the other, it can’t be both ways.

And this is where we leave all of those sophomoric fools who insist on there being specific rules.  It is proof that a vast majority of us have not progressed much farther than the chimpanzees.  They invoke “natural law” and “tradition” as if these things are proven facts.  Tradition needs to be challenged, otherwise we rot in the stagnant pool of ideology and bigotry, and fossilize thus in the apeshit of our own making.

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